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Mommy & Me Cleaning Services
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Available services
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* Residential                                                                                                          
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                             Our Mission
At Mommy & Me Cleaning Service, we take care to provide our customers high quality services personalized for their unique needs. Our staff members are professional, courteous and efficient.
Residential Service

■All blinds are dusted
 ■All windows sills are wiped down
 ■All ceiling fans dusted
 ■All exposed baseboards are cleaned

 Receive heaviest concentration of cleaning.
 ■Kitchen cabinets (exteriors only)
 ■Faucet fixtures
 ■Washing down of all counter top surfaces
 ■Washing the hood, top and face of the stove.
 ■Refrigerator top and face
 ■Empty all trash receptacles throughout unit and microwaves are cleaned.

 ■Sanitize and disinfect the entire bathroom.
 ■Wash down all of the tile in bathtub.
 ■Wash down shower fixture/faucet/tub.
 ■Glass enclosure inside and out.
 ■Mirror of medicine cabinet.
 ■Wash down faucet fixtures and sink.
 ■Sweeping and mopping of the floor.

 ■Dust down all furniture and exposed baseboards.
 ■Change of linens at no additional charge if left on top of bed.
 ■Vacuuming of floors (carpeted).
 ■All hardwood floor surfaces swept and mopped.

Cleaning services are available on the following basis:
 ■Every 3 Weeks